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Q: What is a Skylight?


A: A skylight is a roof-mounted window that allows natural light to enter a room. Skylights are often used in homes, schools, and commercial businesses to improve the natural lighting in a space. Some skylights also include ventilation systems that allow air to flow into and out of the building.


Q: Can skylights add value to your residence?


A: Investing in skylights is a great way to enhance your home’s appearance and add value, as they are a highly desired feature in a home.


Q: Can you see through skylights?


A: Skylights can be translucent or opaque, depending on the type of glass used, and they can be designed to open and close. Some models even come with a feature to close them automatically when it begins raining!


Q: Where should skylights be installed?


A: Skylights facing North will offer an abundance of natural light throughout the day, however, you may want an Eastern-facing skylight for the morning light. Always be sure to observe the area for any trees or other obstructions around the home that could interfere with your skylight.


Q: Do skylights make using daylight more cost-effective?


A: Skylights economize on lighting costs as they substitute a light source with suitable natural light. This also has a positive effect on energy consumption.


Q: Can you install blinds on skylights?


A: Blinds are essential as they prevent the consistent seeping of solar heat. To maintain a cool home, select custom blinds to keep the level of solar heat at a comfortable level. In much warmer climates, this reduction can make a significant difference in your home. 


Q: Can you open skylights?


A: Many skylights have a lever, chain, or crank that can be turned by hand and can be opened without climbing a ladder or stepping up on a stool.


Q: What type of skylights are there?


A: There are three primary types of skylights: ventilating, sometimes called “roof windows,” fixed and tubular. Their shapes include flat, arched, domed and pyramid. Skylights provide natural lighting and ventilation to a room, resulting in interior temperature drops during the summer.


Q: Can hail break skylights?


A: Plastic bubbles, or acrylic-bubble skylights, are the most frequent skylights damaged by hail. Modern, EnergyStar-qualified, energy-efficient glass skylights are much less susceptible to hail damage. They are also much healthier for the environment.


Q: Do skylights provide additional ventilation for the home?


A: Using passive cooling, skylights can allow you to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature. The chimney effect” can contribute to this ventilation system as well. The chimney effect” can be achieved by opening a skylight and opening a window on the first floor of your home to create a draft of airflow. The cooler air will flow in and rise up, actively pushing the warm air out of your home.


Q: Is it possible to install a skylight on your own?


A: Sawing into your roof to install a skylight can be costly and time-consuming. If the project is not done correctly, it can be difficult or even impossible to undo. Before you decide to take on a skylight installation yourself, be sure to do your research and discuss the project with a professional.


Q: Can skylights block UV exposure?


A: Yes! You can apply window film to a skylight that will prevent harmful, ultraviolet light from reaching your skin.


Q: Will my skylight get covered in snow during a storm?


A: In Winter, many believe there is a high risk of damage if snow piles up on the roof and skylight. Fortunately, this is not true for normal accumulation. In most cases, skylights are not at risk from the weight of snow, however, if weather conditions lead to an unprecedented accumulation of snow, then there is a possibility of damage.


Q: Can a tile roof have a skylight?


A: Velux skylights, windows, and sun tunnels are suitable for metal and tile roofs. Custom flashings can be installed to protect your roof from the elements and keep it looking at its best.


Q: What type of glass is used for skylights?


A: Safety glass is the best choice for skylights. Laminated and tempered glass also works well, but tempered glass is stronger and more cost-effective.  


Q: Can you install skylights on a flat roof?


A: Skylight installation is possible to install on any roof slope. Low-sloped and flat roofs usually require certain considerations when installing skylights on their particular roof slopes.


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