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Most people know why its important to have your roof insulated. If nothing else, it makes financial sense, since a well-insulated roof is the biggest defense you can have against thermal transfer from outside. That means the heat will stay inside in those cold winter months, while heat will stay outside on those sweltering summer days. 

What people arent always as familiar with is the importance that proper roof ventilation plays in ensuring that insulation is working as best as it can. Proper ventilation brings fresh, cool air into the attic through the intake vents located under the eaves, while it releases hot, moisture-filled air from the exhaust vents at the ridge of the roof. 

This will keep the attic air circulating to prevent the potential build-up of too much heat. When it’s cold outside, allowing in that cool air will help maintain a cold roof temperature, which should help avoid ice dams created by melting snow. 

Now that youve got a sense of how the ventilation works, heres a look at just some of the benefits ensuring your roof is properly ventilated can bring to your home:


Increase your roofs lifespan


A roof is a major investment to make on your home. You want to get the most out of it as you can, and proper roof ventilation will keep your roof strong and secure for a longer period of time.

If you allow the attic to get overheated, your roof will feel that heat internally just as its feeling it externally. This can cause the underlayment and the shingles of your roof to dry out and crack far quicker. That can result in expensive repair work. Some asphalt shingle manufacturers are known to include a clause in their warranty regarding the refusal of warranty based on insufficient attic ventilation.


Prevents mold damage


Perhaps the most important thing ventilation can bring to your home is preventing condensation, which can be a big problem when warm air rises from the interior of your home and hits cold surfaces. Without proper ventilation, moisture will build-up, which can lead to mold, moisture-stained ceilings, and even structural damage to the rafters and trusses of the roof itself. If this issue isnt spotted in time, it can do enough damage to warrant a complete roof replacement. 


Increased energy efficiency 


Hot, stagnant air will build up under the roof over those hot summer months if theres not enough circulation. That will heat up your ceilings and can spill down into your living space. If you have air conditioning, that will make your air conditioning work harder. However, if your roof if properly ventilated, thats a great way to lower both your homes cooling and operating costs. 


Prevent ice damming


While they make for great play swords or wands, icicles hanging along the edges of the roof are not really something you want to see on your home. Those can be a sign of ice damming. Ice dams are usually caused by warm air reaching the roof deck, which then results in the snow on your roof melting. This melted snow can run down your roof and refreeze on the homes overhangs, forming ice dams.

Proper ventilation will combat these dams by directing warm air from your living space to the peak of your roof and then outside. It will also keep the attic close to the same temperature outside, which can prevent melting snow. 

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